Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quick Christmas

the red eye flight from Hawaii to California was actually not bad. i took a giant sleeping pill and slept like a babe. JJ's dad picked us up from the airport at 5 am and i fell asleep in the car. when we got home we took a 3 hour nap and OHMYGOD we had never felt so refreshed in our lives! Christmas in Camarillo with JJ's family was so short but a total blast! we ate SO much food. and JJ's sister Claude and i accidentally drank a whole bottle of wine before mass.

we got back to LAX on Christmas day at 6:30 pm. after all the fun and family and food and festivities, it came to a disgustingly abrput end. we were miserable at the thought of having to go straight back to work. we sat in the terminal, grumpy and tired and complaining of having to travel on Christmas. then a man with an extremely feminine voice came over the intercom and told us our flight had some first class seats available for $50. i'm not kidding you, before i could even turn to JJ to discuss it, he leapt out of his chair and ran BAREFOOT (totally gross) to buy us first class tickets from LAX to Seattle. THANK GOD. the leg room is immeasurable in first class. and we watched Christmas Vacation (obvi) and it was so perfect.

when we arrived in Spoke, we realized we didn't have a ride home. so we paid a thousand dollars for a taxi to drive us the .8 miles home and drop up off at The Gate (we weren't about to give the guy the code so he could break into our house and steal our TVs and/or Chanel), and we had to haul our suitcases at midnight in the cold to our MH.

then we exchanged one gift each (we are celebrating Christmas today after work with pressies and xmas music and tomato soup and bagels) and i handed him the Free Sound Machine That I Regifted From The Gift Exchange At RW, and he gave me Marc Jacobs perfume so i looked like a total a-hole.



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