Monday, December 14, 2009

stuffed like a god damn Christmas ham

JJ's parents were in town this weekend, so fun! and basically all we did was eat. friday we went to Anthony's. saturday JJ took us to egger meats (vomit bc there are giant slabs of meat hanging from the ceiling) and made salmon and steak. sunday we went to Clinks...right before i went to jazzy. so i literally had to take a giant poop before class started AND i was burping up grilled cheese the entire time. i think that extra mayonnaise i asked for sent me over the edge.

we said goodbye to his parents and got ready for JJ's work christmas party (rmbr, i got my tattoo licked last year by the owner of the hockey team?) i wore my sparkle leggings for the occasion. and i didn't eat a thing at the party because of the gluttony that happened all weekend. then JJ gets a call--his parents flight was cancelled! so we left the party early to hang out with them. (BTW, at the party they had a raffle...hotel stays, restaurant certificates, etc...and what does JJ win? a free round of golf. i mean, literally the only thing i won't/can't use) where did we meet his parents? YET ANOTHER RESTAURANT!!! rock city grill. and by that time i hadn't eaten since 2 pm so i was kinda hungry. and i ate a piece of pizza.

we said goodbye to his parents for a second time, then went home to bed. 9:30 pm. perf timing! talked to Moon on the phone for an hour and went to sleep.

at 2 am i woke up with the worst indigestion ever in life. my stomach hurt sooooo bad. like i was stuffed like a god damn Christmas ham. i couldn't figure out if i was gonna barf or have Big D. so i slept on the bathroom floor. then Cleo jumped off the bed to come hang with me. then JJ woke up and started freaking out and screaming because me and Cleo were gone. then he helped me back to bed and got me water. isn't he sweet?

all of this holiday eating is getting to me. and we still have 4 more get togethers this week--all that involve food.

all i'm eating for the rest of this season is tums.

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