Monday, December 14, 2009

today's ego boost

charming Mr. Orland in 209, who used to be a professor at Gonzaga Law, called down this morning and asked to be transferred to the companion department. i did as he asked and went about doing my business.

30 seconds later my phone rings again. Mr. Orland again. he said, "i need the companion department." i said, "oh, they must not be in, but if you leave a message, they will call you back." he said, "when? in two god damn months?" i said, "well, no, probably later today." he said, "to hell with you," then he pressed one of the keys down for 45 seconds, then slammed the phone and hung up on me.

then he called back an hour later. he wanted me to dial a number for him. he gave me 6 numbers...not enough to make a real phone number. when i told him this, he said, "you're good for nothing."


  1. He probably thought you were the operator like they had back in the 1940's. get w/ the program old man

  2. That's the one thing MrO has been robbed of dearest Sarah. The ability to be "with it". Betrayed by his body, self-aware but helpless against the pull of the abyss. Anger is a basic instictive. You, too, would be ired under similar instances; may fate bless us with better endings. Mr O has dementia LacieLiz. You know that. Be nice and call companions for him and go with that person to his door. Take him under your wing. Any Spokane mucky-muck attorney/judges/professors around that he mentored available to drop by? Younger collegues ans staff at GULaw would know. Aloha ohana. Mele kalikimaka. Why am I in Waianae, why Kiki why?


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