Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Surprisingly Perfect Day

i should have known my day was going to start off wrong when i got my feet tangled in a pair of dirty underwear.

i pushed snooze 3 times this morning, making myself a little bit late. and the only way i can wrench myself from the throes of slumber is to facebook myself into consciousness. so i facebook and check the Live News Feed until i am fully alert, head spinning with TMI from my digital "friends."

well upon arising from bed and schlumping into the kitchen, i realized i had left my homemade spaghetti sauce (i know, i know, impressive) on the stove all night long! which is quite dangerous, but really i was secretly delighted because it was simmered to glorious perfection.

but then when i got dressed, the outfit i picked out last night didn't look right so i had to start from scratch. then i didn't have time for my cinnamon toast crunch. but JJ made me a delicious peppermint latte, what a dear!

I FORGOT MY FROTHING HOT MOUTH-WATERING LATTE ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER! sonofaB. i called JJ to whine. then as soon as i hung up i realized: I FORGOT MY IPOD FULL OF CHRISTMAS TUNES! doh! what a terrible day at work i was destined to have.

at work, my spongebob band-aid got caught on one of the residents keys and it ripped off. then i accidentally kicked the computer and my screen shut off and the whole check-in system went down so i had to call EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 180 RESIDENTS to check to see if they were alive.

but then the most miraculous thing happened. i got an email saying PN WAS GOING TO BE GONE THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!!!!!!! hallelujah! hark! the herald angels sing!

as soon as i got that news, things started turning up! for instance, JJ is making me a crab feast for dinner tonight, i finished my book on my break this morning, i realized it's officially DECEMBER, and the BEST part: the french chef at RW is wearing a god damn Santa Claus baseball hat. it's so hilarious i could die!

it's amazing what kind of day i can have when my mortal enemy is gone.

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  1. Hehehe, the PN's regime (a regime is not a Nazi's butthole as Charlie Ann once told me) is finally giving you a break! Yippee!


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