Saturday, December 5, 2009

where's the spirit?

the problem with Christmas shopping is this: for every gift i buy, i purchase one thing for myself. but honestly, how can one pass up on black suede thigh-high sam edelman boots that were 70% off?

but, wonderfully and amazingly, my Christmas shopping is 95% done! pat on the back, self. now i just need to start wrapping! and i'm thinking of possibly writing a Christmas letter to go with our picture card. i have a lot on my Christmas plate. and remember the spare bedroom/JJ's closet that was previously known as The Wedding Room? then later known as The Place Where Chanel Shit & Pissed All Over The Bed...well now it is The Christmas Shit is filled with wonderful pressies! i am totally in the Christmas spirit, but i think my family is starting to get annoyed with my Christmas obsession...

example 1: the irritated look i got from JJ when i shoved his Dec. 1 advent calendar chocolate in his mouth.

example 2: i watched Chanel kick over the miniature Christmas tree we have sitting on the front windowsill.

example 3: every time we leave, Cleo pulls the donkey and baby Jesus and the black wise man down on the ground from their place in the nativity scene. those 3. every. time.

example 4: every time i sing The 12 Days of Christmas in the shower, JJ slams the bathroom door shut and stomps away grumbling.

example 5: when i put the reindeer antlers on the Cs, they both shook them off and ran away.


1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, remember when Charlie Ann and I used to sing the 12 Days of Christmas song over and over until one of us messed up during EVERY car ride, no matter the season? hahaha good times, good times.


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