Monday, January 4, 2010

19 & Crazy

last night JJ and i went on a target run together. which, normally i hate. because i like to wander through target for at least an hour, but JJ rushes me. however, i bring him when target gets a new designer. because he helps me buy only one item from the line. ps. i only bought a pair of knee-high socks from the Rodarte line. but not because i have self-control--BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN MY SIZE IS SOLD OUT.

we arrived at target and got a bag of popcorn. then he disappeared and the next time i saw him he had one single crumb on his lip and when i asked him where all the popcorn went he just shrugged his shoulders. then i got mad at him and started pushing my cart past him. then he put his foot in the front of my cart which caused the cart to stop suddenly, and then caused me to lurch forward and dig my belly into the handlebar. then i yelled "OW" really loud, which embarrassed him so he said, "SHHHHH!" and then we realized everyone was staring at us. the moral of the story is: SHARE THE MOTHERFUDGING POPCORN.

the real story involves the car ride TO target. this song came on the radio:

so i said in a nostalgic way, "OH, i miss being 19 and crazy!!!" and JJ got all quiet for like 5 seconds. then he was like "ummmmm....excuse me, but you were not 19 and crazy." and i was all "UH YES I FUDGING WAS. HOW WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW, YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ME WHEN I WAS 19." he said, "exactly. if you were 19 and crazy, i would have known you, because i was 19 and crazy." i said, "NO YOU'RE WRONG. I WAS CRAZY WHEN I WAS 19. I WAS COOL GOD DAMMIT. AND I KNEW WHO YOU WERE. BECAUSE I SAW YOU AT PARTIES!" he said, "well i didn't notice you." so i said, "OHMYGHODDDDD COULD YOU BE ANY RUDER?!?!?!?!?!?" he said, "i'm not being rude, i'm just telling you that you were NOT 19 and crazy. sorry, L, but you weren't." for some reason i just got totally offended by this argument. like, come on. i was totally 19 and crazy. me and Rah would do all sorts of crazy things. so i said, "OHMYGHOD. PLEASE JUST LET ME THINK I WAS 19 AND CRAZY! LET ME HAVE THIS GOD DAMN COUNTRY SONG. I WAS 19 AND CRAZY. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY AND THAT'S FINAL." he just laughed at me.

i was 19 and crazy right? please comment with a story of something crazy i did when i was 19. you're my friends. you know me. tell him. please can we show JJ how WRONG he is?!??!!?!? huh? huh?

so far i have:

1. me and Rah got written up and sent to Catholic Alcohol Class for having 70 beers in our room.

2. stayed up til 1 a.m. most nights.

3. got a C in math.

4. .........


  1. I could totally be wrong, but I think you were 19 when I met you at Greenhouse with Steph and you had (I think) broken your nose or some crazy drunken shenanigans like that.. :)

  2. the broken nose is a story i heard at least 15 times..... i think i was 20 and crazy.... well actually 17-21

  3. ps all our crazy stories were after 19.

  4. Hmmmm. You've always been crazy. Duh. But I think your craziest times were a bit later 20-21ish...when you contemplated going to WSU (gasp), ate a turkey dinner off the street, soiled Kari's precious couch, jr. year apple cup pretty much sums it up.

  5. emelie--YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I BROKE MY NOSE from drinking too many duck farts. that's preeeeetttttyyy crazy!!! hahahahah

  6. slightly daft, not crazy.....unless you've something else?

  7. the only thing I can remember from when we were 19 is going out to mexican food and dropping my entire purse in a puddle. Sorry I know this doesn't help your case but I started laughing when I remembered.

  8. UW the george strait concert weekend. we robbed you and you puked on yourself and spent the night at a frat. and of course breaking your nose.


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