Saturday, January 23, 2010

Angry for the Animals of Spokane

today i read this article in the Spokesman-Review:

and that really irks my tank. so i drafted a letter to the editor and had my mom check it. she said i sounded like a Crazy Cat Lady. just what i always wanted to be in life! hah. so i re-wrote it and sent it:

My heart sank as I read the article ‘Animal control options limited” in today’s paper. I’m disappointed enough in city of Spokane voters who rejected the tax to expand animal protection in our area last year. I truly wonder how County Commissioner Mark Richard sleeps at night with his blatant unsupportive stance on an animal shelter tax. As a proud owner of a rescue pet, I beg the question; why doesn't the proper care of our innocent furry friends without a voice of their own hold any precedence? According to our insensitive councilpeople, basic animal rights are not respected enough to gain suitable attention. Shame on you Spokane, for your disgusting lack of compassion.


  1. well this letter is a bit much after you threatened to give away your sick cat and threw her outside for the wolves to eat. calm down cat lady.

  2. BAHAHA LegallyBrunette makes a very valid point. She will be an excellent lawyer

  3. the cat didn't get your tongue. good job Liz


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