Saturday, January 16, 2010

bad self-esteem day

on Tuesday, after i posted my last blog, my self-esteem sank into the depths of despair.

PN shouted at me to get her paper. i handed her paper. she shouted "NOT THAT KIND! THE LEGAL KIND!" so i got her the paper and slammed the cabinet. like, would it kill her to say kindly, "could you please get me some legal sized paper?"

right after work i went to work. M & S wanted to put their plastic pool over their heads with the baby underneath. i said no. LIKE, SORRY, I DON'T WANT TO BE RESPOBSIBLE FOR YOUR DEATH BY SUFFOCATION, THAT WOULD NOT LOOK GOOD ON MY RESUME. then M slammed the door to the playroom in my face and i heard her say to her brother, "i hate L, she is bossy and such a weiner-face." when i opened the door, she knew she'd been caught and she ran out screaming. i let her be, and didn't see her for 10 minutes.

as i was getting ready to leave their house, i reached for my jacket. gone. their mother and i searched for it. where was it? WHERE WAS MY BEAUTIFUL WOOL COAT????!?!?!? stuffed into a bag and into a corner of the dogs' bed. thanks, M.

when i got home i discovered a brown treat that Cleo had left me at the front door. i stepped in it.

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  1. little shits happen to be sure. hang in there.


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