Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Benjamin Pierre the Terrorist

we had a little visitor on Sunday night. Rah and Nebular's dog, Benjamin Pierre. Benny for short. he is a black/grey/brown Pugapoo. and he is also a terrorist. Rah and Nebular went on vacation, and we watched their little mongrel for a night before taking him to Play n' Stay for the week. Benny and Cleo love playing together. like non-stop, whining, mouth-open playing. they were having a blast. until poor ol' Chanel decided to make an appearance. Benny leapt towards her like a wolf to a bunny. Chanel hissed. Benny growled. it was quite a show.

later that evening, as JJ and i were laying in bed watching Jay Leno (Jay rules. Conan can suck it) we were kissing. i mean, is it a crime to kiss my own husband in bed while watching Jay Leno?!?!? we look over....and there he is: Benny, sitting on the chair next to our bed, wagging his tail with his tounge hanging out. like he literally looked like a teenage boy watching soft-core porn, waiting for something interesting to happen. i was like EW STOP STARING YOU CREEP. ALL YOU'RE GETTING IS AN EYEFUL OF ME IN MY HIGH SCHOOL SWIM TEAM SWEATPANTS. YOU MIGHT GET A PEEK AT MY BUTTCRACK IF YOU'RE LUCKY BUT I WOULDN'T BET ON IT.

we went to bed after that. we put Benny at the end of the bed for the night. we put his blanket down so it would smell like home to him. how thoughtful are we, huh? but ol Benbo wanted to keep playing with Cleo, even though it was 11 pm. Cleo was tired, so she pushed herself all the way against the headboard, smashed between our heads, using us as protection from the terrorist. and Benny woke up. every hour. on the hour. jumped down off the bed barking and growling because Chanel would dare to tiptoe past him. so finally at 4 am, with literally 1.5 hours of sleep left in the night for me, i grabbed the terrorist and i spooned him for the rest of the night. yes, i did. i put my arms around him, and held him tightly. he couldn't release himself from my white-knuckled grip. and so there we were: a handsome man and his dog, with his wife spooning a terrorist. all in one bed.

at 6:20 am sharp, Benny jumped off the bed one last time and beelined it for the door. Cleo followed suit. i let them out. they both peed. and Cleo pooped. then they ran back to the door. i let them in. brushed my teeth. came back out to the living room. and there was a nice pugapoo-size pile of steaming shit by the front door.

thanks, ol Benjamin Pierre. you really know how to show us a good time.

here is a pic Rah took of him:


  1. why do all your animals, permanent or temporary, shit in the house?!

  2. yeh! LegallyBrunette is right to ask. you might have to start calling it the SH. BP is a rascal. Just what we need here in W2. Oui, mon ami? g8 blog. n'est-ce pas

  3. i can't wait to GTFOOT...the M.H. is really gettin me DOWN!!!! all the animals are trying to out-mark each other it's disgusting!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY LG&J!!!!! Thnx for being the best pals in the WORLD & taking care of our wee little terrorist (dying at the spooning comment--that's truly all he's ever wanted in life!) :)


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