Saturday, January 16, 2010

cheeseburgers and zits

it's the new year! we are halfway through the month. and my resolutions were to: stop complaining so much and stop online shopping so much and continue my jazzercise regimen.

on wednesday morning i had to babysit. so i babysat. then i came home and cleaned the house. then me and Rah went to the 5:30 jazzercise class and i'm not kidding, there were at least 12 new poeple--THE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONERS. they were all like me during my fist class only 80 pounds heavier and 50x more sweaty. barf. after jazzercise, we of course, went to d'lish for some vegetarian cheeseburgers. then went back to Rah's house to drink wine. so basically the jazzercise class was cancelled out by the grease and booze. but oh well, right?

and also i have been growing a ping-pong sized zit on my forehead. the kind where it feels like you hit your head, but really it's just a puss-filled pore?? well i used my oldest trick from my adolescent-cry-and-say "i don't want to go to school because i have so many zits on my face" days: put some toothpaste on it. except i forgot we have toothpaste with scope in it. and when i put toothpaste on the zit, it burned like Hell's inferno. so i screamed and rubbed off the toothpaste off. i was left with a red, irritated, ugly--but minty fresh--forehead.

so that's how i'm starting off the new year? with cheeseburgers and zits? i'm not COMPLAINING, but that's not how i pictured 2010.

come on you fools, tell me what disappointing things YOUR new year has brought you thus far...


  1. my new year has brought me back to arizona. ugh.

  2. I am disappointed that I dropped a beach chair on my toes (strap of chair broke) so now I can't play golf every day. Oh, what a sad life I live here in Hawaii in the sunshine while it is cold and rainy and dark on the mainland...

  3. LegallyBrunette is gonna get slapped. I am glad she is back in the AZ :) We had a nice lil sunday ha.
    Toothpaste is the best trick.
    My resolution is to GTFOOMJ (of my job... its a new one ha). and dont worry lacie... i am also failing

  4. GTFOOMJ is the best resolution ever!!!! make it happen, Sarah.

    also, i will be gracing the desert with my presence in early March for LJ's bachelorette party. i would very much like to squeeze in a meeting with you and your puggle.


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