Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the countdown begins

i thought i would officially take to my blog in saying...2010 is going to be a very exciting year for JJ, the Cs and me. JJ has a promise of a job promotion, which requires us to move on down to Rancho Coucamonga, CA in the fall. very exciting!

but, my dear readers, this is even more exciting...I AM QUITTING MY JOB AT RW FOR THE SUMMER! my last day is going to be May 11. i am so excited i could pee. i have a countdown in my planner even. only 119 more days and i will be FREE from the PN--my life will be FREE from incidents such as this:

a resident's companion walked by my desk. she is really nice and always says hi to me and she once told me i was pretty. i like her. after she passed, ol PN wobbled to my desk and said to me, "that woman is so odd. she has got to be one of the strangest looking people i have ever seen." i'm staring at PN. thinking about how i'm going to respond. because CLEARLY she gets first place in the swimsuit contest in a beauty pageant, so she has the right to judge the looks of this woman. and when i didn't respond, she said, "please don't think ill of me." DON'T WORRY I WON'T. HOW COULD I? YOU ARE SO KIND AND GENEROUS. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER.

but let me tell you all something great. on May 11, the day that i escape, i publicly vow to post a picture of PN. a real, live picture of PN in all her glory for you to enjoy!

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