Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's a hairaucracy.

WHAT?!?!? WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR?!?! BACK THE FUDGE OFF PEOPLE. i mean, why do i always have the problem of people being too honest about my hair?!?!

PN: good mornin' hun.
me: good morning.
PN: when are you taking out those hair extensions?
me: *stare* .....i'm not wearing hair extensions, this is my real hair.
PN: oh. looks fake.
me: thanks.
PN: ......well, i bought Alan (the CEO) flowers today because it's his birthday.


Me: Mary (in apt. 729) your hair looks lovely today!
Mary: thanks, i just got a permanent.
Me: well it looks fantastic, i love it.
Bernie the German in apt. 624: well, L, i think your hair looks terrible.
Me: why?
Bernine: because, you usually have it looking nice. today it is not good.
Me: i like it crazy like this, Bernie.
Bernie: well i do not. it is not a good look for you.



  1. You are getting to the stage I was yesterday, hair-wise. I have for two years been letting it grow, but it began to drive me nuts, so after I went to the library I went to Supercuts for a trim. But when in the chair I told the gal, "cut it all off". It made her very nervous and I can't say that I didn't have a twinge or two as hanks of hair fell to the ground. So now my hair is slightly shorter than Jean d'Arc and slightly longer than when I was bald!

  2. momcat, we're all glad you're over your bald spell and remain so. "hanks of hair"? i had to look it up. that word is a knitting term. btw, the gal at supercuts probably sold your tresses to ACME Wig Company, who will undoubtedly use them to make Halloween Elvira wigs. see liz, look on the bright side, at least you're not having to deal with momcat's hairball issue.

  3. Remember your haircut at supercuts lace?? Hahahahahaha!

  4. Why does everybody make fun of MOMCAT?

  5. pooooooor MOMCAT. i thought you were quite glamorous as baldo.


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