Sunday, January 10, 2010

it's a hard plastic life.

hello kitty cc has really been feeling it lately...

in the matter of a week, she let me use her and abuse her for the following:

1. my bridesmaid dress for LJ's wedding.

2. Cleo's vet visit. BY THE WAY, SHE HAS A YEAST INFECTION IN HER EAR. SO IT COST $200 for the visit and the medicine. Cleo you suck.

3. my NordRack trip with Moon.

4. the Target Rodarte line...big thanks to Mom for helping complete the list of things i HAD TO HAVE from the line.

5. i'm getting my ugly brown roots dyed on thursdayyyy. STICKY Y.

6. Moon and i went out to eat approx. 6 times while she was here...

7. ineededboyfriendjeans

but here is where i saved:

1. i gave Cleo a haircut myself!

2. i put back the $15 bronzer at Target.

3. LJ got us a 10% discount on the bridesmaid dress!

4. the $400 leather vest that i got for $40.

5. i haven't washed my car since summer

6. i paint my own nails and toes.

7. my plan is to eat cheese sandwiches everydayyyyyyyyyyyy for a month to make up for all the eating out i did.

i say it equals out somewhere in there...don't you?

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