Tuesday, January 12, 2010

january blues

JJ had to go to work early this morning, and obviously i don't know how to use the espresso machine, so i didn't have my soy irish creme latte that JJ makes especially for me. booo! and i'm wearing my mary jane heels that give me blimp foot (i.e. the strap that goes across the bridge of the foot gets tighter and tighter throughout the day as the foot swells, and eventually the foot ends up looking like a giant fat blimp.) and Cleo wouldn't poop outside because it was raining. and i have to work my other job directly after this job. and when i was going to steal a banana from the dining room at work, i realized i couldn't because the kitchen staff were in there. and the Christmas lights are coming down at work. and it's January. and one of my favorite residents fell and had to go to the hospital. and i'm wearing my least favorite pair of underwear. and the polish is chipping off my right index finger.

but i'm laughing now. because i got this e-mail today from one of the other receptionists...

'THE “Y” BUTTON ON KEY PAD STICKS A LOT. Maybe spraying key pad with canned air might help??? Other buttons are almost as bad.'

hahahahahaha. that's because i spilled cranberry juice in the keyboard last week. but you will never know.

also, last week's poll was wonderful! Snoop was an obvious fan favorite, but Cleo came in a rather close second. i'm so happy you all love her.

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