Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Last Straw

wednesday went like this:

i got up at 8:45 am and pulled on a dirty t-shirt. i put on my jazzercise shoes and went into the spare bedroom to see if Chanel was in there. she wasn't. but i will tell you what was: PEE ON THE SPARE BED. and this is the third time. THE THIRD. so i threw an absolute hissy fit and cried and yelled and called my mom. and pulled the mattress and boxpsrings into the garage. and threw away the bedding. and grabbed Chanel and out her face in her mess. and put her outside again. then cried some more. then opened all the windows in the M.H. to air the place out. basically i was about to post FREE CAT TO A GOOD HOME on craigslist.

it was The Last Straw. Not OK. At. All.

but then i thought maybe something was wrong with her. so i called the vet and scheduled an appointment. i explained to them how i was almost 100% positive it was a behavioral problem. they insisted on a urinalysis. here's the breakdown of the costs:

1. veterinary visit: $35
2. urinalysis: $25
3. if the cat does not urinate on its own, the vet has to extract, with a needle, the urine from the cat's bladder: $25 (if applicable)
4. if the urinalysis proves a + for a U.T.I. antibiotic injection: $35
5. if the urinalysis proves a + for a U.T.I. week's worth of antibiotics: $30

WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED? HUH? HUH? CHANEL TESTED POSITIVE FOR A U.T.I. so while i was basically being a neglective pet owner, Chanel was in intense bladdery pain. and OF COURSE she did not urinate on her own at the vet, so we had to pay extra for the needle extraction. and GUESS WHAT? Chanel is also up for her yearly vaccinations. there's another quick $100. AND she has to go back in a week for a U.T.I follow-up. i don't think even the damn HUMAN doctor is that thorough.

so i have to put an eyedropper full of liquid that smells like banana laffy taffy down Chanel's throat every 12 hours for a week. i know, i know, what a glamorous life i lead.

the Cs are putting us in the poorhouse.


  1. As someone very prone to UTCs all my sympathy is with Chanel, none for her mean, mean owner. When I get back to the mainland you can send that poor baby over to me. Though I do sympathize with your pain over the vet bill -- vets charge way more than doctors!

  2. UTIs are the WORST. absolutely awful. but cat pee on the bed is horrible. my sympathies with you both but seriously try to keep your animals from relieving themselves in your house. its getting excessive.

  3. i'm glad you think it's such a controllable issue LEGALLY BRUNETTE.

  4. here's the problem with cats: THEY CAN'T TALK. Vets know most people will opt for the full regimen of health services. The patient provides no sounding board on the accuteness of their malady, so their slave takes the emotionally easy and guilt-free way out and has everything done [tartar on Chanel's teeth will be the next "ask" - is she scratching up that lovely new couch? yes? declaw? Cha-ching]. BTW - MOMCAT probably doesn't want me calling the shots on her behalf if her wonderful gift for gab is stolen from her and phillip spence isn't there to provide direction. anyway, i had a hip cat, Condo, who did the same UTC thing to me, although he was an even more clever creature and used my sink as his sounding board. the smell from the p trap and blood granules coating the white porceline were hard to miss and clean-up was a snap. i do believe you have exorcised the demons. i'm predicting that the fabreeze will begin to win the day in the MH; heck maybe your pooch will see the error of his ways as well. in any event, you have definitely graduated to a higher tier of animal husbandry. Chanel brought you there...kicking, screaming, crying and smelling of urine. you shant be fooled again. when a pet does a nono next, you won't ask "why" to the sky, but "why" as you use your eyes. keep putting her outside more. it's good for her psyche. feeling guilty about missing the signs? buy her a catnip plant. good blog

  5. If I were you I would invest in a cage for Chanel. Then just park her in the garage while you're not at home.


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