Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lip Slice

the other day JJ and i were out and about and running errands and such, and before we left he popped a piece of gum in his mouth. oh joy! so i ran over to him and said "ooh, ooh, me too, me too, please!" and he said, "come here and i will pop it into your mouth." the gum was Eclipse, you know, where you push the little white rectangle gum through the foil? well i stood under him with my mouth open and he pushed the gum through the foil alright. and then the foil cut my lip. sliced right through my lip skin like a tissue paper. and so i cried because it stung really bad.

for the next 4 nights i wore my self-concocted night prescription: one layer of original blue chap stick. one layer of target brand neosporin. and one nice, thick layer of petroleum jelly. and OMG my lips were as soft as butter! so smooth and so kissable and perfect. so now i'm obsessed with the night prescription.

the lip slice was healing ever so nicely, and then finally it turned into a lip slice scab. which was kind of weird and gross, but meant that the healing was almost complete! and then Moon came into town to visit. and my night prescription regimen was neglected. and all we did was laugh and laugh and drink wine and laugh and also i bought a badass $400 leather vest that was on sale for $40 which obvi made me smile really quite wide. and all of that commotion caused my lip slice scab to split right open again.

and now i have permanent purple wine stain in my newly reopened lip slice. so the healing must restart. don't make me laugh. and don't find me a good deal on an item of clothing.

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