Saturday, January 16, 2010

my day off. tres exciting.

yesterday i had the wholllleeeee day off! here is what i did:

5:30 am: JJ leaves the house to go to a business chamber breakfast. as soon as he leaves i lay like a starfish in bed.

9:03 am: wake up. HOLY MOTHER! I WAS TOTALLY SUPPOSED TO GO TO JAZZERCISE THIS MORNING! spend 15 seconds deliberating...because i COULD go at noon. or skip it. BUT NO! i want to go to my favorite morning class. plus i just bought new cool adidas workout pants, GOTTA WEAR EM. so i throw on a sports bra and the new pants and run out the door.

9:20 am: only get to jazzercise 5 minutes late! not bad!

10:15 am: think about going to McD's for an egg and cheese biscuit, but decide that since i already had that veggie cheeseburger after jazzercise on wednesday, i should just go home.

10:30 am: get home. eat cereal. climb back in bed. snugs with Cleo.

11:02 am: oops! accidentally fell back asleep!

11:15 am: start watching phantom of the opera.

12:17 pm: JJ comes home for lunch! eat salmon and black bean tacos YUM then he leaves and goes back to work :(

12:30 pm: am feeling worthless. back to laying in bed.

12:32 pm: start watching phantom of the opera again.

12:55 pm: accidentally fall asleep again.

1:30 pm: finish phantom of the opera.

2:30 pm: start a new book.


4:05 pm: JJ gets home.

4:12 pm: JJ leaves to go visit his friend in Seattle.

4:13 pm: make cheese sandwich. e-mail Rah that i am bored will she come rescue me?

5:13 pm: start reading again.

5:58 pm: start feeling sorry for myself.

6:01 pm: look at my online bank account.

6:05 pm: start singing the songs from phantom of the opera while eating goldfish.

6:15 pm: pick my ping-pong sized zit.

6:45 pm: go to grocery store.

7:09 pm: watch project runway.

8:30 pm: watch will and grace.

9:04 pm: call my parents.

9:35 pm: go to bed.


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