Saturday, January 30, 2010

my JITB love affair

well, i did it. i went back to an olllllld favorite.


everyone forgets about the mad cow disease or e. coli outbreak or whatever in the hamburger meat in like 2001. if people remembered, they wouldn't eat there. Jack in the Box is a very successful fast food chain. and i'm not sure why. OH WAIT, YES I AM. IT'S BECAUSE THE FOOD IS SO DELICIOUSLY GREASY AND CHEAP AND SHUT UP YOU KNOW YOU LAUGHED AT THE BOWL-CUT COMMERCIAL. JITB is headed by marketing geniuses. i used to get 2 tacos for 99 cents because the "meat" was supposedly vegan soy or something. but actually it's basically insta-meat. it's powdered meat and you add water and it turns into taco filling. totally gross but OMG how good are they?? with a little hot sauce??

i can't eat the tacos anymore, though. meat is gross. if you disagree, go read Skinny Bitch and if you still like meat after that book, then we'll talk.

so, whenever i used to go to JITB, the girl with the spider tattoo on her neck always helped me, and she knew me by the end, and what i liked, and it got a little weird. but she's since moved on (and hopefully up) in the world. anyway, i literally had no shame yesterday evening. because...i...ordered...

2 LARGE ORDERS OF CURLY FRIES WITH EXTRA BUTTERMILK RANCH. i mean, not one. i couldn't stop at one order. i had to go with two. what is wrong with me? even the person who took my order was like "really? you want 2 large orders of curly fries" i was like YES SHUT UP SORRY I DIDN'T ORDER THE CIABATTA CLUB SANDWICH. I ONLY WANT THE CURLY FRIES AND THAT'S FINAL.

my punishment? diarrhea 3 times before 8 am. one time for each order of large curly fries, and another for the extra buttermilk ranch.


  1. the ciabata rocks and the 99 cent bacon cheese as well.

  2. JITB is very very glorious. And I'd have to disagree with you on the safety factor... I mean after the e.coli outbreak, I assume they are the safest place to eat. I mean all eyes are on them.
    I am never ashamed of my JITB late night/early morning feasts. Never. and you shouldnt be either

  3. i've read skinny bitch and still eat meat. in fact, i think after i read the book i had a nice juicy cheeseburger.

    JITB is tasty. especially whilst under the influence/hungover. BUT since they started putting calories on their menus i have changed my ordering habits.


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