Monday, January 25, 2010

MY shoes.

ok so last spring i bought these adorable shoes: except mine didn't have laces.

and i love them. they are so cool. like, when i wear them, i feel ultra cool. i have a little extra kick in my step. something about the converse/black/sparkle combo really makes me feel like a badass. especially when worn with torn jeans and a men's t-shirt.

i like the shoes because they are mine. MINE. they represent me outside of the restraining bars of my workplace. my personal life is a separate entity than my worklife. and i like the personal life version of me wayyyy better. my personal life version of me is sacred, you know? i treasure it.


because what did the fat receptionist (flashback to blog about the fried pork chops and mac and cheese...same person) come into work wearing? MY SHOES. MYYYYYYYYYYYYY FUDGING SPARKLE CONVERSE SHOESSSSSSSSSSSS.

she came to relieve me for lunch.
me: hi. thanks, i will see you in a half hour.
her: now wait jus a secon' thurr honey. take a look at mah new shoes.
her: aren't they purdy?
me: i....i....i....yes....i have...the same ones.
her: you do? wow! i love them! honey, the doctor told me i needed uh paira nice shoes to support mah swollen ankles. and i thought, if ima gonna hafta wear comfy shoes, (as opposed to the VERY uncomfortable yet stylish crocs she HAS been wearing FYI) i thought i would buy some shoes that i could express mahself in. some cute ones.

just kill me. she has ruined the cool personal life version of myself. the picture of the blubbery, white fat skin bursting at the seams of MY shoes will haunt me forever.

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