Saturday, January 30, 2010


my angry pet letter to the editor made it in today's paper. wow, i really am a star!!

yesterday was supposed to be my "GET THINGS DONE" day. except that my boss called and asked me to work for someone. so i did. so i ran errands after work. i preferably like to run them in the morning on a wednesday with the moms in sweatpants, when it's nice and quiet. well yesterday i went at 2 pm. 2 pm on a friday. a terrible time to run errands. i couldn't decide if i wanted to go to TJ or Target first. i regretably chose the latter...

you see, when i got to TJ, i saw, shining in a beacon of light, a mirrored dresser. it was just sitting there waiting for me to buy it. so i skipped over to look at the price. no price tag. so i called a worker over. she couldn't find it either. so she asked the front counter. GUESS WHAT? SOMEONE ALREADY BOUGHT MY MIRRORED DRESSER 5 MINUTES EARLIER. if i would have gone to TJ before Target, the mirrored dresser would be mine. so i had to watch the mirrored dresser that i NEEEEEDED wheel past me to a chubby 50-year-old woman who will probably wrongfully adorn it with doilies and potpurri and shit.


i'm always spending money on my family's needs, like underwear for JJ, UTI vaccinations for Chanel and Juicy Couture leg warmers for Cleo. like, i have needs too. I NEEDED THAT MIRRORED DRESSER.

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