Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years 2009

JJ, Cleo and i were packed and ready to go to KitKat's house for NYE 2009. i had made double batches of both my favorite delicious bean dip, and fried cheese raviolis. basically we were SET.

the plan was to leave at 3 pm. 2 o'clock rolls around and the pass report says "snow, slush and ice, 4-8 inches of snow expected overnight." we swallowed our worst fears (i.e. getting stuck in Seattle and having to take the 8-hour trek home through Portland like last year) so we got in the car and started off. we got like 6 miles. we were all silent in the car. it was snowing hard and the roads were slippery. we collectively decided to turn around and cancel the trip :-/

i called the gang (i.e. KitKat, KKiss, LJ and Sam) to tell them the sad news, then dialed Rah's number and said, "so what are we doing tonight?"

we all had a quiet, almost-adult-like NYE. JJ and Nebular went to the GU game and Rah and i stayed home and watched sex and the city whilst drinking mimosas. then we all went to a new bar in Spoke, where we saw my high school vice-principal. i mean, come on!!! and in the bathroom i stole a cool bar glass. (shutup i said the night was ALMOST-adult-like.) we drove downtown to watch the fireworks, wherein which i fell asleep before midnight. JJ shook me awake for a stale, i-just-took-a-10-minute-nap kiss, and we went home to bed. all in all, a fun but subdued evening.

we woke up the next morning with appetizers up the ASSHOLE. now we will be eating them everyday for lunch for a week.

on Janurary 1, me and JJ got the whole day together! we never ever get that unless we're on vacation, so it was wonderful to spend the whole day with him. (today i work from 7:30-3 and again from 4-8) i got in the mood to organize my life. i cleaned out my closet (!!!) 3 garbage bags full of clothes to go to the Goodwill. what a feat! i guess it's time to go shopping, you know, so i can fill all those empty hangers?

this morning, it was back to the olllll salt mines. and Bernie in 624 with the German accent greeted me at 7:42 am with, "happy new year L, did you get drunk?"


  1. you didn't miss much. the usual stuff happened, i drank too much, kari pouted, katie cleaned everything up in the morning and chris woke up in katie and jeremy's bed. we missed you though :(

  2. And Chris smacked his head on the chandelier. Looks like he got in a fight.

  3. i love it. when in doubt, throw those duds out! Berney, he's a character. Living vicariously has it's advantages.

  4. WAIT! you gave the clothes to Goodwill?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?! Why not mmmmeeeeeee?!?!?!?!


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