Sunday, January 10, 2010

rubberband bile and a best friend

last night Cleo was shivering violently, and since we wasted $500 and the dog spent 27 hours in the pet emergency clinic, we know what that means...

the only thing worse than waking up at 4:45 a.m. to take your bff to the airport with no promise of another meeting in the near future is waking up at 4:35 a.m. to the sound of your dog wheezing and sneezing and eventually throwing up a giant industrial sized rubberband covered in bile. i mean. AGAIN. i swear, if our duvet wasn't white, it would be in the trash right now. and SERIOUSLY WHERE ARE THE RUBBERBANDS COMING FROM?!?! so i put the trusty Disney princess beach towel under the sick dog while i stripped the bed and Oxy Clean Maxforced! the shit out of it, then threw it in the washing machine with 89 cups of bleach and 34 cups of laundry soap.

Cleo was still shivering violently and wheezing (it takes a while for her little body to recover from such a big rubberband) and wouldn't leave my side. she just followed me everywhere i went and sat at my feet looking really (extra) pathetic. (extra because....i gave her a haircut last night. and i kind of botched it. not as bad as a shave, but i mean, it's no professional hairdo. her ears are a little blunt on the ends) pooooor Cleo.

when i got back, a little teary-eyed from dropping off Moon at the airport, i kindly asked JJ to brew me some coffee. he did. and when we walked back to the bedroom, we couldn't find Cleo. we were looking all over, when i finally found her; laying long and sad, with a forlorn gaze, right in the spot where Moon had slept in the spare bed while she was here. and who was right beside her? olllll Chanel.

we all miss you Moon.

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