Monday, January 25, 2010

secret word

JJ and i went out to dinner on Friday. it was ladies choice. so i chose Sante. a new(ish) restaurant in Spokane. during the day it is a sort of coffee shop attached to a bookstore downtown, and at night it turns into a fabulous little dinner place. i loved it. twas perfect! i had this delicious crepe filled with goat cheese and leeks. and JJ got gnocchi and then we shared the cheese platter. the problem was, and always is when dining with a food-loving man, the portions. THE PORTIONS WERE NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR THE MANLY MAN. we practically almost stopped at taco bell on the way home because he was "STARVING" no, JJ. the people of Haiti are starving. stop being such a drama queen.

anyway, it was the conversation we had AT dinner that was most important. as a couple, we acknowledge the imperfections of our relationship. we are the kind of people who end petty arguments like this: "...WELL GOOGLE IT! THEN WE WILL KNOW WHO IS RIGHT!" now we have a new system. along with google, if we are having a petty argument, one of us will say the "secret word" (which i'm not telling). when the secret word is uttered the arguing must cease and we must give a hug and end it. no buts about it. it's quite like the way i handle arguing betweeen M & S.

but the other night i was whining about the state of JJ's closet. the clutter drives me mad. so we were arguing about the clutter and he uttered the "secret word." so we hugged and ended it. how exciting! it works! the new plan works!

.........except his closet is still cluttered.



  1. Hahahaha.Had a similar experience recently. We had a dinner party at P&D's house and they served Chris one slice of pizza for dinner!! I was dying knowing how "starving" he was! Our men are such fatties!

  2. Agreed. That's why I was surprised you two enjoy Latah Bistro... Obviously one of my favs, but JR acts like he has only ate an appetizer after his main course.

    PS am going to Jazzercise w/my gma next Tuesday, maybe I'll see you there.

  3. which class? the 5:30? I WANNA BE IN THE SAME CLASS AS YOU!!!

  4. ok i've experienced this with two members of my lunch crew (the other two of us have weak stomaches and get the "stoms" after basically everything). its called "the irrational fear of hunger." they're always worried that its not enough food. i tried to explain to them that we don't live in a 3rd world country, like calm down! you'll eat again in 3 hours.

  5. I have a similar problem. However I do not worry if there will be enough food, my worry focus' more on the choice itself.
    What if I made the wrong selection?! What if the food comes and that was not the taste I wanted?! I want to taste 5 different things, how do I pick?!

    I tell you, this is how you end up spending $20 at taco bell... for yourself.


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