Monday, January 11, 2010


so "we" got a blu-ray player for Christmas. i say "we" because it's weird getting joint gifts. and, come on, like i don't care if we have a blu-ray player. SRSLY! the DVD player, the xbox and my second husband (i.e. macbook) both play movies perfectly!

i don't get HD. like i just don't. all i know is that i never want to be in HD, i would probably be ugly.

we got the blu-ray (it pains me to type "blu" like, it's not cool to have bad English) for our California Christmas, so JJ's parents shipped our gifts to us since we couldn't pack them. well, as his luck would have it, JJ's dad accidentally sent our Christmas gifts to one of his clients in Denver. hahahahah! so we just finally got the big box of gifts on friday! tres exciting.

well, JJ hooked up the blu-ray. then he went to Best Buy to get blu-ray movies WHICH ARE LIKE THIRTY DOLLARS COME ON. and came home with of which we already have. i was like "why did you get a movie we already have?" he goes, "i got it for you!" and i said, "oh don't even. that's YOUR favorite movie. don't tell me it's for me." (it seriously really is his favorite movie) and he was like "well it doesn't matter who it's for. it's sooo good on the blu-ray." i said, "how do you know? you haven't even watched a movie on the blu-ray yet." he said, "L! JUST.........JUST WATCH THE MOVIE." so i did. absolutely no difference. so i said, "that was 30 dollars well spent. everything is so very clear."



  1. Hahahaha. The ONLY advantage of HD is you get two versions of all the good channels. i.e. HGTV.

  2. haha. i don't get hd and blu-ray junk. "football is so much better on hd" ryan says. blah blah blah. i can still watch a football game on my 19" magnavox just fine. they just want to charge an arm and a leg for hd channels and blu-ray video. booo!


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