Saturday, January 16, 2010

the thing about TJ MAXX

i love TJ Maxx it is my very favorite store. the thing about buying things from TJ Maxx is that they are kind of a mystery...i'll show you what i mean.

example 1: i bought a pair of rock and republic jeans there. they were the right size and everything. so cute! and only 70 dollars! (usually $200+) but let me tell you, they have the shortest front zipper ever known to mankind. like, my pubes hang out when i wear them. totally NOT ok. but they are so cute, so i wear them with a long shirt.

example 2: i bought JJ a pair of swim trunks last summer for the honeymoon. size 35. except he tried them on and looked like Jared from subway holding up his old pants. it was HILAR. they were SO BIG!!! and he was all triumphant like he'd gotten skinny, when really the trunks were mistagged or something.

example 3: i bought JJ's dad a bday present: a short-sleeved windbreaker jacket. marked XL. i got it home and showed JJ. he was like "OMG THAT IS LIKE A DRESS" on closer inspection on a different was a 3XL.

example 4: yesterday i bought this SOOOO cute cosmetics case. it's black patent leather with 14K gold plated zippers. and it had the brand name "Honey" written on the front. so adorable! and it was on final clearance yellow sticker! i love the yellow stickers. it was originally $150 and it was only $20! wow! what a steal! and i'm kind of shocked that i love this cosmetics bag but i haven't heard of the brand before. so of course i go home and google the brand. IT'S A MOM BRAND. it's a brand for "the chic mommy" so basically i bought a fancy diaper/wipe/diaper cream carrier. i lose. but, i'm not going to return it. i figure that when the time comes for me to be a chic mommy, a chic mommy i will be. or maybe probably i will just use it as a cosmetics case one will know, right?

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  1. you'll know. therein lies the rub. by the way. that particular doc kit needs to be extremely utile. i hope honey is up to the job.


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