Monday, January 18, 2010


ok so i have probably the worst poop cramps ever in life. i just ran to the bathroom to take my 8 o'clock dump 45 minutes late, AND THERE WAS A HIGH SCHOOL KITCHEN EMPLOYEE IN THERE CRYING ON THE PHONE. and i'm like i can't poop while she's in there crying on the phone. i mean, that's just kind of rude. so i sat back down at my desk and leaned over my legs--because i am in SERIOUS pain. poop cramps are the WORST. the worst. and i didn't think anyone was around--you know, because of the holiday, it's kind of quiet. but when the cramps finally subsided, i sat back up. AND ALMOST JUMPED OUT OF MY PANTS! because Evelyn in 344 was just standing there staring at me. like she silently rolled her walker (oxymoron. i can usually hear the walkers 8 miles away) right next to my desk and scared the HELL out of me. when i looked up...i saw that she was wearing the same exact yellow cardigan i bought last week for $7 on clearance at TJ Maxx. now i can be twins with an 89-year-old woman.


  1. jesus. when i read the title "twins" and you started in on the "i need to go potty sooooo bad!" story, i thought the story was going to get crass as hell ala "baby delivery". hallelujah! god bless evelyn "the yellow sidler" in 344.

  2. i hate poop cramps more than anything. yikes.... its so embarr when it happens at work toooo.


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