Saturday, February 6, 2010

boat show

JJ has been talking about going to this boat show with Nebular for a week now. he keeps saying I'M GOING TO THE BOAT SHOW WITH NEBULAR THIS WEEKEND!!! and i'm all I KNOW JJ YOU TOLD ME 8 MILLION TIMESSSS!!!! he kept saying that Nebular was probably going to get a boat and that he himself wanted to go along with Neb to watch and witness. and i was like OMG POOR RAH.....but secretly i was kind of excited because, i mean, how FUN would it be to be the couple with Friends Who Have A Boat. and we could get CLeo a little pink lifejacket and i have the perfect sperry boat shoes and linen yachting pants and i could dress JJ in a nautical themed outfit with a striped Ralph Lauren tee and white pants and a sailor hat and it would be so much fun to hang out all summer on the boat with our friends!

well today is boat show day. and i got a text message from JJ at 12:08 p.m.

"babe can we please buy a boat?"



  1. DON'T EVER LET YOUR HUSBAND GO TO A BOAT SHOW! Years ago Papa and I went to a boat show and somehow got separated. As I looked for him in the crowded venue I could hear his voice, loud and clear: "I'll take it!" And that is how we bought a boat. Those shows are as dangerous as going to C.S. Wo, only even more expensive!!! (by the way, the word I have to typer is "expegra". Is that Viagra taken by a 90 year old man expecting that it will work?

  2. Hhahahahahahhahaha noooooooo!!!! I have a feeling one day that will be me... Not this year though!

  3. shiver me timbers. avast tar JJ, wait til ye get south to fairer waters and a bigger slip/garage. very funny to be shore


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