Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cleo's butt

yesterday i got home from work only to walk in the door to a horrid stench. then i noticed a brown stripe in the carpet. then i looked at the culprit. the culprit had diarrhea stuck to her bum. dsjfsdjlfjlskfdlfsdj. so we showered together.and i spot shotted the carpet. then i went to Rah's. and we made totally awesome pizza from scratch yesterday (!!!!) well, CP made the pizza dough but we made the tomato sauce and we put all the toppings on and it was SO GOOD. like SO GOOD. the best thing ever. and we are all eating the leftovers for lunch today! the problem was the wine that we drank when making the pizza. all of a sudden 2 bottles were gone and we were drunk as skunks.

JJ had to leave early this morning. at 5:30 a.m., and after he left i was OUT COLD face down in the bed, so i hadn't noticed that Cleo jumped down to go to the bathroom. obviously i was otherwise engaged so i didn't let her out the door.

when i did finally roll out of bed i had to hold onto the wall for balance. i was dizzy and spinny and i had the shakes. baaaad shakes. i walked to the kitchen to get a water bottle out of the fridge and realized that i just didn't have the strength to open it. i pulled and it didn't open. instead, i lost my balance and fell backwards, my foot landing in something wet. a giant mixed pile of bloody diarrhea and pee. just so we're clear on how bad my life sucks.

so i googled "my dog has bloody diarrhea" and the possibilities aren't so great. she may have Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, Parasites or Pancreatitis. SERIOUSLY!?!?! one family member with pancreatitis is enough!!! on all the websites it says "any time blood appears in the stool should be considered a medical emergency, and the dog should see a veterinarian immediately.

so i called JJ on my way to work and he has to take the old gal to the Sultan Robber Vet so he can build another palace with the money he makes from treating Cleo today.

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