Sunday, February 28, 2010

date with dad.

my ollllll Dad was here on wednesday. we had an asolute blast! i mean crazy fun. his sole purpose for the visit was to go see Avatar with me. JJ could never sit still that long and plus i knew Dad would just enjoy it like a million times more. the movie started at 2:40. so here was our day:

he got here at 10:30 a.m., and like the good daughter i am, i had an ice cold 12-pack of Coors Light in the fridge waiting for him. we left the house at 11 and went to lunch. we returned something for Mom at R.E.I. and he actually asked me if i shopped there. COME ON. we arrived downtown at 11:45. we couldn't believe how fast we had gotten everything done. we popped into the Nordstrom so i could get these bracelets i wanted, then at noon we were at a loss of what to do. i suggested ambercrombie (or as my dad calls is, ambercrombie) and got a couple of basic t-shirts. then i was ambushed by one of their recruiters who asked if i wanted a management position at abercrombie. i politely declined saying, "oh, i'm sorry, i already have a really good job." (HA!!!) at 12:07 we were like SCREW IT LETS GO TO RED ROBIN AND GET A BEER. so we did. and i got ice cream too. then we went back to Nordstrom to get my mom a Marc Jacobs purse (HOW'S LIFE MOM). then we decided to go to Rock City Grill for a beer. then we felt the urge to visit Banana Repulic where i found a $250 purse on sale for $33!! then off to Sawtooth Grill for one more beer! Dad wanted to hit up all the places to eat/drink in the mall. then it was finally time for the movie.

we sat down with our 3D glasses and were totally ready to enjoy! about 15 minutes in i had to pee. i ran and peed so fast and ran back. as soon as i entered the theater i put on my glasses again. DIDN'T WANT TO MISS A SECOND! and as i was walking across the aisle to get back to my seat, i tripped over a guy's legs. he had them up on the seat in front of him. i was literally laying across his legs and i looked up at him and laughed because of the 3D glasses we were both wearing and because of how stupid i am. then i got up and went to continue my way across the aisle. and what do i do? I KICK HIS GOD DAMN FLIP FLOP LIKE 3 ROWS AHEAD OF US. after the movie was over, i made Dad stay seated until flip-flop guy left because i was so embarrassed. as we were going down the escalator, Dad says, "OHMYGOD L!!!" and i'm like WHAT and he said, "HOW IN THE HELL DID WE MISS THIS PLACE?!?!?!" it was Twigs. we forgot to go to Twigs during our beer round.

we went home and fed Cleo then popped on over to the chiefs game. we got a beer and sat down and were having a jolly time watching the players. then JJ comes up to Dad and gives him a gift. it is a Chiefs hockey jersey. after he put it on, he looked quite like a Spokie. all that he was missing was 3 red-headed children and a golden front tooth.

at the end of the second period Dad went to get us another round. it literally took him so long. when he finally arrived he was red as a tomato. turns out he was walking down the stairs just as the Chiefs scored a goal. the crowd went nuts and startled my dad, who threw up his arms and in doing so, dropped his beer. like father like daughter. i get the clumsy doofus gene from him.

we got home that night and sat on the couch. i said, "OMG WHAT A DAY WE HAD! WE LITERALLY DID NOTHING...BUT WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!"

"i wish i had a flying falcon bird like the Avatars."
"me too, Dad. me too."

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  1. hahahahahahaha your dad might be one of my top 5 favorite people in life. so funny!


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