Monday, February 15, 2010

don't mess with me twit

some little twit from Eastern Washington University dared to defy me on Sunday, Feb. 7. i hate her.

Humans Outrank Animals

In the letter titled “Animal care ignored” (Jan. 30), L expressed her anger and disgust toward the city of Spokane due to the rejection of a tax that would “expand animal protection.” She also questioned why animal rights issues do not get as much attention from councilmen and women as other issues.

I believe that Hansen would know the answers to her own questions if she took a look at the current economy. Times are tough for everyone, not just animals. The field of education, for example, has been greatly affected by increases in tuition. As a student, I have felt these effects firsthand.

While I agree with Hansen’s emotional plea for animal rights (I currently have four pets and have had several other pets throughout my life), I believe that in this day and age, rights for man or woman’s best friend are just not as important as things like education and health care.

As important as animals are to humans through their services as guide animals and companions, I believe that their rights should come after those of humans.

Azaria C. Podplesky


  1. WHAT?! OMFG take that bitch on, that letter is a direct challenge!

  2. Leave it be, she is Russian Mafia and very dangerous!

  3. simpleton right-winger who assumes that people always lose when animals win. she's still reeling with the us/them paranoia spawned by such issues as the spotted owl, marbled murrelet, bull trout and columbia salmonids.

  4. I agree w/ Momcat yet again... just look at the name & chalk it up to another foreigner who cant possibly understand. After all, dont they eat dogs & cats in the rest of the world? what do they care about animals rights?
    (yes, I realize this is a highly stereotypical & insensitive comment. but im trying to be on your side lace haha)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT COMMENT SARAH!! i agree 100 percent.


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