Monday, February 1, 2010

the FedEx man knows my secret

my two jobs are like polar opposites. being an egghead receptionist at a retirement community with OLD PEOPLE and being a caregiver for YOUNG PEOPLE. i wear two completely different hats. like a sunday hat for tea with the queen and a sombrero. the two places of employment are a 7 minute drive from eachother, but i never thought the two paths of seperate worlds would collide....

last week while babysitting, the doorball rang. Buster and Willie the poodles yipped and yapped and baby P cried. S yelled "SOMEONE'S HERE" and M turned the TV up louder. the point is, it was a littttttle hectic. and i feel like i looked kind of like Tarzan just gave me a piggyback ride through the jungle. but i managed to answer the door. it was the FedEx man. no biggie. i signed for the package and i was like thanksbyeeee and shut the door in an attempt to protect him from the circus performance inside the house.

well today at RW, i was sitting at my desk, in my black slacks and grey vest, shirt tucked in, hair pulled back from my face, looking all professional like, posture straight, typing important things (i.e. gmail chatting with Moon), smiling pleasantly and answering the phones. i heard someone come up to my desk, and when i turned around to greet him/her with my mega-watt award-winning retirememt community smile, who was there but the SAME FEDEX MAN WHO SAW ME AT MY SOMBRERO HAT JOB. here i was, wearing my sunday tea with the queen hat, and i was hoping maybe he would't recognize me, you know, without the greasy snaggly hair, baby spit-up stain on my shirt and booger swiped across my neck. but NO. he recognized me straight away. he was like "how do you manage to find time to work with 3 kids at home?!" he was genuinely shocked. i had to explain to him that "no im not a working mom, i actually just have to weird part-time jobs, but hey! they pay the bills, you know? heh heh heh..." wink wink, elbow nudge. he just gave me the half-smile and backed away from my desk.

the FedEx man knows my secret. he has seen me in action in my two different hats. even my own husband hasn't witnessed that before. i feel entirely too intimate with the FedEx man.


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. lady marion is right. this is an excellent blog liz. we all compartmentalize our lives, everyday, to some extent, joining the masquerade. it is often necessary [e.g. you can't fully be yourself around sombrero kididdles]. lucky those that can be themselves at home. george is getting upset!


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