Monday, February 22, 2010

the ghostbuster shit

i can't believe it's been a whole week since my last post. i was just SO NOT IN THE MOOD to write. but the good news is, i'm back to blogging at work. i figure that since i won't be here much longer, WHO THE F CARES?!?!? right??? anyway, where shall i begin????

oh yes. the ghostbuster shit.

my dear and oldest friend KitKat was here last Tues, Wed and Thurs for a visit! so fun. we shopped, and lazed and ate. so great!!

but on Wednesday when we got home from a day out, i took Cleo to go poopoo and it was so green it practically glowed in the dark. LIKE SO GREEN. i was worried. so i called The Sultan Vet. and took a sample of said lime green shit into be analyzed. the verdict? "the dog must have eaten something man-made. that color is not a natural color. did she maybe get into crayons? a toy? i would suggest you go home and look for green things and keep them away from her." crimany. but $35 was all it cost! that's the cheapest visit yet!! what a dream!

the next day we were not so lucky to have Cleo poo outside. i scrubbed and scraped at the ghostbuster shit on the carpet, but to no avail.

we now have glow in the dark ghostbuster green toxic sludge stains in the carpet. nice. i told JJ, WELL AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT BROWN. the green makes us look cool kinda, like scientists.

BUT we figured out what she ate: a green bone. that was supposed to clean her teeth. but it actually cleaned out her intestines.

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  1. don't bring Cleo in the car to pick up the shampooer b4 your move-out inspection. live and learn, right? next time you get your teeth cleaned, ask your dentist for an old pic tool - adios tartar and river of slime. most dogs dig it. btw, i bet i wasn't the only one of your adoring servants who were on the verge of transmutating into Peevy Jones because of your haitus. don't knock/burn yourself out. two blogs a week would be prolific enough for this adoring fan. if you feel like writing more, save the ones that are not time-dependent for posting on days when you don't have a real-time story in the breech; a blogcation plan of sorts. btw, while i'm being demanding, tuesdays and fridays work for me. i don't know how you Dave Barrys of the world remain lit.


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