Monday, February 22, 2010

JJ's stomach

on Friday JJ got sick. sick sick sick. stomach flu. and i was babysitting when he got home. he called me crying and screaming "OMG HONEY I'M SO SICK I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" and because he has a bum pancreas, of course i immediately thought: HIS PANCREAS HAS FAILED HIM!!!! but his pancreas is fine. he was just being a total BABY.COM.

and he called me like 9 times when i was working. just sobbing and whimpering and muttering Hail Mary's. i was like OMG I'M WORKING. I'M SO SORRY YOU'RE SICK DEAR HUSBAND BUT PLEASE! I AM BUSY!

i brought him home some 7up and applesauce. he said to me when i walked in the door, "times like these make me love you so much and make me appreciate you as my wife" SO SWEET! but the sweetness didn't last long because there were piles of clothes and towels on the floor. you see, he was dairrhea-ing and barfing at the same time. so a coupla times he didn't make it to the toilet in time. so i just had to wash everything in plain sight. SO NASTY. then he finally passed out on the bed. and i facebooked in silence. then i looked at him. and he had crusty barf and a piece of onion coming out of his nose. I MEAN, that's the "in sickness and in health" part of our vows.

so i slept in the spare room that night. he came in 3 times to whine in the night. he also took a shower at 3 a.m. (wtf??) ppoooooorrrrrr JJ.

the next morning he was like "OMG i'm never eating that stuff again!" i was like "what stuff?" he said "the stuff KitKat's mom made for dinner." (she made us delicious spicy chow mein noodle things that were SO GOOD) and i was like "god DAMMIT JJ. i wanted to ask her for that recipe."

AND, once again, i was around a person who had the stomach flu and i didn't get it myself. i'm like, amazing. my mother can tell me how unhealthy i eat all she wants, but i have the immune system of HERCULES!


  1. i think it was food poisoning, and since you didn't get it w/ the chow mein, something else is the culprit [e.g. a garnish he used that you didn't]

  2. he also had chicken fried steak friday morning. at a business breakfast. and you KNOW those things are catered by like perkins or something else nasty. you're probably right uncle e.

  3. After this post I will never get married or have kids. I get enough poop clean up w/ a dog. and I hate it.
    I also have intestines of a God(dess)... I eat enough cheese to back up a whole army for a whole week. and have never had a problem.
    Oh how i love cheese. Cheers to us!!



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