Sunday, February 7, 2010

just plain bad luck

ok seriously. it's not even funny anymore. we were sold a defect dog. A DEFECT DOG. JJ and i spent the hours of 2-6 a.m. running around the house like mad, trying to help poor Cleopatra. you see, she got diarrhea and was also vomiting. she made it outside everytime aside from one diarrhea pool by the front door and a barf in the bed. each time JJ took her outside to relieve herself i would have to wash her butt and dry her, and JJ cleaned the rrhea while i stripped the sheets from the bed and washed them. one time Chanel tripped JJ and he fell to the ground and it was so funny because he was so mad and it was dark and the middle of the night. i laughed at him, but it just made him even more mad. hahahahahhahah

we ended up on the couches at 4:30 a.m. and Chanel thought we were having a party because everyone was up at her devilish hour so she was jumping around mewing and trying to be the center of attention. we stayed on the couches until my dreadful alarm clock went off for work this morning. what a night, i tell ya. and if the problems don't clear up, we will have no other choice than to take her to The Robber (i.e. the vet, who is living like a sultan solely off the money he's earned from treating the Cs) tomorrow morning. i mean, i have added it all up, and in the last two months alone, we have spent almost $800 at the vet, that could have easily bought the Dior coffee table book that i wanted, and then some. by the time he's done with Cleo tomorrow, we probably will have spent the same amount of money as the price of a down payment on that boat JJ wanted.

somewhat luckily, Rah and Nebular had a similar problem with Benjamin Pierre last week. the vet gave him anti-diarrheal and put him on a strict diet of boiled chicken and rice. i think we might just shove an immodium down Cleo's throat and give her a nice chicken and rice feast. what do you think?

p.s. well, while i am here nodding off to sleep because of the insanity inside the M.H. last night, i started to go a little crazy. it is taking all of my will power not to run out here naked screaming profanities and vandalizing property in an act of solidarity.

93 more days. I CAN DO IT.

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  1. "naked screaming profanities and vandalizing property in an act of solidarity." ahhahhah - we are (PET) MOMS WHO NEED WINE!!!!


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