Tuesday, February 2, 2010



you'll never believe my luck! i don't even have a rabbit's foot! i just got old fashioned lucky!!

i went to a different TJ Maxx....guess what was there?!?!?!?!!?

MY MIRRORED CHEST! they had one there. so i ran to the back and i bought it instantly. the only problem was the M.H. it's seriously a shoebox. so we had to get rid of a piece of furniture in order to fit the chest in. then JJ and i seriously sweat and yelled and heaved and hoed and FINALLY, everything is into place. barely in there. but there.

the picture is of me and JJ on Wedding Day looking quite Hollywood. and there is a bowl of red hearts for Valentine's Day.

isn't she a BUTE?!?!?!?! my needs have finally been fulfilled.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I don't think it would fit with my decor at all, but it is totally amazing!

    I hate to admit it, but the other day when I was watching Keeping up w/ the Kardashians, I noticed Kourtney had a dresser a lot like this in her future baby's room. I guess this mirrored thing is all the rage!

  2. i'm dubbing it neo-rococo colonial. excellent purchase. brightens, lightens and expands. mimi should send you a waterford and one of noni's red glass pieces to add to the decor. please repost the picture with that substantial lamp lit. i need the story on that as well.

  3. hahah erin your secret it out--YOU WATCH KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS! LOL just kidding, we all are guilty.

    the mirrored thing is SO IN...but somehow classic looking. i'm totally obsessed.

    uncle e, i wrote a blog about the lamp JUST FOR YOU.

  4. so soo sooooo jealous. i guess that why youre my best friend... cause we fall in love with the same stuff--- errrr... not jj though. hes all yours. :)


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