Monday, February 15, 2010

movie theater lighting.

JJ and i went to the movies on friday night. we saw valentine's day. cute flick. anyway, as the lights dimmed, i saw some people struggling to get to their seats. and i was reminded of a movie theater story...

on a date (circa late 2008) with JJ, we went to the movies. and i wore heels. we got there about 10 minutes late so it was really dark and we were trying to be so quiet. and you know how they "conveniently" have lights that make it "easier" to climb up the stairs?? WELL THE LIGHTS ARE COMPLETELY USELESS AND NOT HELPFUL IN THE LEAST BIT. they just mess with my brain and my eyes and confuse me to the fullest extent. so i got really dizzy, and stepped wrong and twisted my ankle (CURSE YOU HEELS!!) and literally ate shit. my shins hit the stairs and i yowled. YOLWED like a coyote caught in a trap. and JJ was so embarrassed by my incessant cries that he just said SHHHH and only half-assed helped me up. and everyone looked at us. and a few snickered. i mean, it hurt SO BAD. but JJ told me i was being a baby. so we sat down and enjoyed the movie. when we got into the car, i pulled up my jeans and showed my unsympathetic and uncompassionate fiance the dried blood streaks on my shins.

they really ought to do something about the lighting in the movie theater.

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  1. if the lighting were too good, more people would see me scarfing down my beloved hotdogs from the local cineplex. does JJ like you to wear heels? do wearing heels make you feel hot for a date? next time go grunge and wear steel-toed wolverines in stead, or have an usher show you to your seats. i woulda giggled


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