Saturday, February 6, 2010

pasta roma

i was feeling quite domestic this week since it was so easygoing. since CP always makes dinner for JJ and me, i thought i would return the favor. and make her the delish dish (a Hansen favorite) of pasta roma! and i made extra. for Rah and Nebular AND another dish of it for me and JJ!! all in one day i did that. i was very proud. and i bought special pet stain remover from the vet to remove Chanel Waste once and for all. AND i got caught up on the laundry. AND i vacuumed. and THEN i even made chicken salad. and i made a sandwich out of it and took it to JJ for lunch one day. WOW! LOOK AT ME!

i had pasta roma for dinner last night. and i had pasta roma for lunch today. and i plan on having pasta roma for dinner tonight. domesticity might not be so bad! i love all of the pasta roma!!!!

but there is one thing: the dirty secrets that were revealed to me today at lunch over the pasta roma were not readily welcomed.

i can't figure out if i have diarrhea from all the pasta roma or from the information that i acquired this afternoon while eating it.

1 comment:

  1. we tried pasta roma [ala Dot's recipe] after we heard raves via the pineapple express. made the mistake of featuring it at a dinner party the first time i made it. Dot must have had something proportionly wrong. couldn't believe the sinfulness of the ratios. vowed never to have it again. might have said something derogatory about the eHansons. can you give me the real recipe and i'll try it again with just close family?


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