Saturday, February 6, 2010


by the looks of it, my readers either have never peed their pants, or have been multiple offense pants peeers.(yes, three "e"s)

i like the cold cut honesty of my readers. thank you for your answers. the truth is, peeing your pants is something that is just as much a part of life as eating lunch. when something is really really funny, sometimes you just have to pee a little.

to those of you who have never peed your must never have laughed hard enough. i don't know whether or not i should be offended that my blog hasn't caused you to do so. BUT, i can guarantee you that a night out on the town with me will result in a tinkle in the panties. so dear readers, please feel free to take me up on my offer to make you pee your pants, at any time. and for those of you who are multiple offenders, let the yellow flow!

keep laughing,


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