Sunday, February 28, 2010


first of all, my readers are lazy assholes. we need to start running, ok people???? lets promote some all around health!!! after i have d'lish this afternoon of course.

i was channel surfing the other night and came accross a preview for a stupid girl skating movie and i had a flashback to my yesteryear. a flashback that sparked many a memory of my favorite pleather pants from the Gap and my unionbay overals. memories of heartache and sadness, of joy and laughter, of embarrassment and cheer, cake and ice cream. the smell of rotten feet, Lisa Frank sticker machines and the girls bathroom. if you are age 20-24 and lived in the Greater Yakima Area, you know the place...


if you do indeed fall into the demographic mentioned above, you have attended at least 5 birthday parties at skateland, as well as had a class field trip here. you tripped and fell during the muppets version of "Kokomo," you had the time of your god damn life during girls skate to Merril Bainbridge, and you got really sad and may have cried a little in the girls bathroom when Johnathan Aal picked Emily Pratt instead of you during couples skate. I MEAN THERE ARE FEW THINGS IN LIFE WORSE THAN BEING ALONE DURING COUPLES SKATE, ONE OF WHICH IS SPENDING THE NIGHT OF YOUR FIRST HOMECOMING DANCE AT HOME WITH YOUR PARENTS BECAUSE NO ONE ASKED YOU, NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW OR ANYHTING.

oh, Skateland. i had forgotten ALL ABOUT YOU. thanks for making my adolescence unforgettable and awkward.


  1. i lost a front tooth at josh johnson's birthday party at skateland.

  2. Ohh skateland. I was such a terrible skater. Had to hang out at the kiddy rink most of the time. Do you remember those fizzy pickle drinks they had?! I asked Chris if he remembered them and he gave me the youre crazy look. Please tell me you rember them?!

  3. OMFG THE FIZZY PICKLE DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. wow. i went to a birthday party at skateland LAST FING WEEKEND!!!! My friend's child. AHAHAHA I love this post!


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