Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Remote Control Sliding License Plate Cover

you know when you get a gooooood idea and all you want to do is get the patent for it so that you can be famous and then all of a sudden the product that you were thinking of comes out because someone else thought of it too but they weren't too lazy to actually get the product on an infomercial...??? you totally know what i'm saying right??

well i thought of an idea. and i have had this idea for about 5 years, and no one has come out with it yet. so i thought i would share with you what it is....

it's a product for gangsters, drug dealers, mobsters and the like. basically it's a Remote Control Sliding License Plate Cover. this would come in handy during police chases. the driver would push a red button and a stainless steel, grated plate would come down over the license plate of the getaway vehicle, and cover it, so the police couldn't track the criminals.

the getaway cars would have to be generic cars, so as not to give themselves away. (i.e. my product would not work on the owner of a hot pink jacked up chevy. during a police chase, if use of the remote control license plate cover was executed, the police could still say "follow the hot pink jacked up chevy" whereas, if it was a black SUV, i mean, there are thousands of black SUVs, they wouldn't know which one to track.) follow me?

obviously, i have a tough market to tap into, and i'm not even sure my perspective audience would take ideas from a skinny white girl who likes hello kitty and Glee. BUT, i think my idea is pretty cool and could be quite helpful in the event of criminal escape. i might have some trouble with the law as well if i really go through with all of this. so, i'm still just thinking about it.

what creative things did you make up that you want to patent??


  1. you may have trouble patenting this after you've disclosed it on the interweb to all your faithful readers. this is the exact class of mine that you sat in on (the guy who made the corset). if you have any further patent questions please direct them towards me.

  2. I totally had that idea in HS, thats funny!

  3. OMG steph i totally remember that class!! i was so bored. the corset thing was so cool! i was actually paying attention for that 10 minutes!!

    KELLY: let's put our heads together and meet in a dark alley with some potential clients. hahahahahaaaaa


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