Saturday, February 6, 2010

the solo movie goer in yoga pants.

this week has been pretty mundane for me...i have had a lot of time off, so yes, i went to two movies alone this week. two days in a row. one movie thursday, one movie friday. the first was "When in Rome" which is so awful and terrible, and not even kind of worth paying the money to see. the second was Nicholas Sparks' "Dear John" which made me weep. the last time i weeped that badly in a movie theater was when i went to "The Notebook" (another N. Sparks) with my high school friend Elise the summer of 2003. i was wearing shorts. and i had no place to wipe my tears other than my bare legs. after "Dear John" was over, i was so embarrassed to walk out of the theater alone with a blotchy face and red eyes. i was still crying a little bit when it ended. anyway, the real story of this blog is what happened after the movie.

i went to pay for my parking, and it was the SAME NERDY GUY as thursday. i was like oh shit, this is so embarrassing. like, he totally knows i'm such a loser. because who goes to two movies by themselves on two consecutive days? and he WOULD KNOW because if you give them your movie ticket you get $1 off the parking fee. so i paused a little but in the end, stayed resilient.

on thursday the guy looked at my movie ticket and he said "how was the film?" i was like film? what? why did he say film like an old man? but i said "terrible. it was so awful. poorly made." and he was like "yeah, i would have guessed that about this movie. it looked predictable." i was like "YEAH I KNOW. IT TOTALLY WAS. THANKS BYE" but i was kind of offended. like, don't judge me for going to this movie, guy. he was a total rude nerd.

so on friday, i saw him sitting there and i was like SHIT NOT HIM AGAINNNN he totally is going to remember me. sdkljfsjaldflsfjka but i wanted that one dollar off parking dammit. so i went up to him. and sighed. he was like "how was your movie this time?" i was like "good. thanks." then he went off on a tangent about this comic book movie marathon that him and his friend wanted to go see, clearly he was trying to impress me with his alien robot gigapet digimon knowledge. and there was a line forming behind me of people who just wanted to pay and GTFOOT. and i was one of them.

there i was, a solo movie goer, standing at the parking pay station in THE SAME yoga pants i wore the day before to the movies, while getting HIT ON by the nerdy cashier.



  1. Do not ever admit that you like Nicholas Sparks! He is the dweebiest writer ever and his stories make me gag!

  2. I Agree with you Momcat. The notebook was the stupidest/cheesiest movie I have ever seen. I do NOT get why people even like it.


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