Saturday, February 6, 2010

the truth about my nose

i've always been a little self-conscious about the size of my nose. i mean, it's not ogre-sized or anything, it's just a little bigger than i would like. i'm not going to get it surgically fixed, i just like to make sure that in pictures, i turn my head just the right way, so that my real beauty is captured without the size of my nose daunting the photograph.

and i have great friends and family and a nice husband who all tell me that my nose is fine. blah blah blah. i KNOW IT'S FINE but it's a little big. truly, it's just a bit big.

well, i finally got confirmation of my nose's true size. someone was FINALLY HONEST about it. and i can't say that i am mad about it. no, shocked is more the word. because the only one who was honest about it was Rah and Nebular's new puppy.

on Wednesday after jazzercise, Rah and i were eating alphabet pasta (because we like words. we are word people) and drinking wine. then we moved to the couch and started chatting. and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, came Frankie flying through the air. i watched him. he was coming towards me. and he latched onto my honker. like my nose was so big and playful looking that he decided to jump up and bite it. i was like OUCH FRANKIE. then it hit me. ohmygod. my nose REALLY IS BIG. BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT. frankie totally thought it was a toy. and he tried to chew on it. he thought a toy was sticking out of my face, when really it was my nose.

and i kind of got hurt feelings. especially after he did it a second time. BUT, i was thankful that someone finally had the guts to tell me the truth.

hi, my name is L and i have a big nose.


  1. pangs of Kramer that Frankie. you don't have a big nose, because if you did, then I am cerano bergerac - my honker is ginormous

  2. in the spirit of honesty -- i don't think its big. maybe long. maybe a little misshaped, but big isn't the word i'd use. ramming it into that filing cabinet probably didn't do you any favors though. regardless, you're B-E-A-Utiful :)

  3. Your nostrils are crooked. Your nose is not big. When have I EVER not been honest with you?!?


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