Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking Lent 2010

JJ gave up sweets for Lent. and i gave up buying new clothes.

we went to cold stone and then right after, to the mall yesterday. tsk tsk.

at cold stone i got cake batter and recess peanut butter cups in the "love it" size in a waffle cone. (i love the word waffle). and it was so good. but on my 23rd bite i began to feel the affects of dairy on my dairy-allergic body. JJ finished every last morsel of his "GOTTA HAVE IT" sized ice cream. he ordered a "love it" but of course the girl gave him too much ice cream. how did she know the way to my husband's heart??

anyway, we popped into the mall to look for

a. dress shoes for JJ
b. new cool tennis shoes for me

one hour later and we both failed. i think the reason i can't pick a new pair of tennis shoes is that ALL TENNIS SHOES ARE HIDEOUS. ALL. so i don't care if JJ makes fun of me in my white and purply-pink asics. and JJ failed because he literally looked so hilariously feminine in most of the dress shoes. he got fed up and walked right out of Nordstrom Rack when i laughed and told him he looked like an elf.

BUT, i did find a pair of Theory dress pants on sale for $45 (originally $300!!!) and they fit like a dream and are practically made of egyptian cotton. so i broke Lent. and obviously, with JJ's sinful ice cream eating, he broke Lent as well.

so what did we do after the mall?

went to taco bell of course. which is what we gave up for Lent last year.


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  1. Lacie, the Nike catalog or website has some really cool looking hip hop type shoes for 20 somethings. You've got to get out of Aunt Dots asics.


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