Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings

yesterday was supposed to be a Date Night for me and JJ. but we decided to "stay in" instead. so we went to super1 and dug through their $6.99 DVD bin and bought JIM CARREY'S "Yes Man!" which i absolutely love. then we went to hastings. and they had a buy one DVD get the second for $1 sale going on, so we bought "I love you, Man" and "License to Wed" and "Uncle Buck" and "White Men Can't Jump" so, yes, we literally bought 5 movies yesterday. we WERE going to go to Alice in Wonderland in 3D. but we bought 5 DVDs for about the same price! talk about a deal!

then we went to our fave spot SF Sourdough for some to-go sandwiches. on the way home we passed some green-clad fellows teeter-tottering down the street and i looked at JJ and we said, "awwwww....St. Patrick's Day Drunks!" and we reminisced.

and we got home and hunkered down on the couch with the Cs and vegged out for the night. all in all, it was an absolutely fan-fudging-tastic eve.

before bed, i set my alarm for 5:15 a.m. just in case my cell phone clock didn't change with daylight savings.

and when my alarm went off at 5:15 a.m., it really was 5:15 a.m., which really felt like 4:15 a.m. and my body was confused so i rolled over and JJ breathed his dragon poop-encrusted breath in my face and i almost vomited. so i said OMG JJ EW DON'T BREATHE ON MY FACE and he got mad and got up to pee. then i had to pee. and he left the toilet seat up. so i shoved it down with force. then i got back into bed and Cleo wanted to lick my feet. then i couldn't sleep. and when i finally fell asleep, JJ started snoring and it sounded like a fornicating walrus. and so i told him to roll over but he didn't so i had to roll him over myself, and in the process he once again breathed his dragon poop-encrusted breath in my face which could literally kill flowers. and i almost vomited again. so i called out in defeat and then finally FINALLY i went to sleep. 5 minutes later my alarm went off. for reals this time.

i. hate. daylight. savings.


  1. i bet most people would take halitosis over dutch oven shinanigans. am i right JJ?

  2. i slept til 11:30 after an epic night out in shoreline with LJ and MillerLite. which was really 12:30 because MJ didn't reset the clock. and we both vomited like losers and then went to BurgerMaster for lunch. i wore grey leggins and ugg slippers. we're a classy pair.

  3. MillerLite?!? bahahahaha. Next time call me when you go to bm. It's in my neighborhood you know.

  4. yea i didn't think he had a name so i gave him one!


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