Tuesday, March 9, 2010


yesterday M and S wanted to go on a fieldtrip to the M.H. (lucky them) they like think the stupid M.H. is a magnificent palace. they run around inspecting everything and try to yank Chanel out from under the couch. S was obsessed with my bedroom** and when they found cocoa puffs in my pantry, they said, "mom doesn't let us have cocoa puffs." i said, "mine didn't either. but now that i'm a redult (word S uses to describe grown people), i get to buy whatever cereal i want! isn't that great?!" they both agreed that indeed, it was the greatest thing ever. so great, in fact, that they each walked out of the M.H. proudly holding a little sandwich baggie of cocoa puffs to have after dinner for dessert.

anyway, when we got back to their house, their mother said, "WOW! did you have fun? how was L's house? is her bedroom pretty?" S said, "no. it's just really messy."


**a child's bedroom is an ethereal place of wonder and excitement. that's where all the best things are. remember wanting to show your friends your room? i would be like "COME LOOK AT MY LISA FRANK STICKER COLLECTION" ...too bad all S found in my redult room was a boring trifecta of dirty clothes, pillows and tums. he was midly disappointed that i didn't have anything cool in there.

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