Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i left my heart with Anton and the mechanical bull

LJ's bachelorette. where shall i begin?

one day we walked to CVS to buy infant-sized inflatable innertubes a 30 bomb. we took turns carrying back to Sam's apartment (me excluded of course. i can't even carry my own purse without complaining). we sat by the pool and enjoyed that 30 bomb to the fullest extent. we got a tad bit crisp, but didn't even care.

after, we went inside and watched..........Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. i know, i know. we ended up watching 2 whole seasons on the trip.

the first night we went out, LJ wore a white taffeda minidress and a glow in the dark weenie pacifier around her neck to a bar with a mechanical bull. the rest of us wore black dresses. we were quite the eye-catching team, hence the insta-VIP treatment and free shots. LJ got a free carafe (CARAFE!!!) full of the drink AMF (look it up). the rest of us bought $17 (SEVENTEEN DOLLAR) carafes full of Long Island Iced Tea.

the end of our time at that bar resulted in one free bull ride for each bachelorette party member, two free rides for some. and one collective crush on the bull-helper-upper named Anton. we got free shots, lots of attention and LJ didn't even spill anything on the white dress! fabulous! then we took a golf cart to the next bar. KitKat clumsily fell on the ground and shouted at me, "L WHY DID YOU PUSH ME DOWN?!" and when we got into the Pussycat Doll Lounge, LJ and i were separated from the rest, and i panicked. all i could see were Guidos and stripper poles. and i swear, every other person looked like KKiss from the back. we finally met up with them but KitKat and i had to gracefully bow outside for a breather. we took a cab home and PTFO. everyone got a bed but me. everyone always says "LETS PUT THE SKINNY ON THE COUCH" well guess what? LJ weighs less than me. it was her bach party so she got a bed, but next time she's on the couch. no excuses.

mornings consisted of KitKat and me waking up at 7:30 a.m. KitKat would let forth a giant eruption of a fart and we would laugh, causing KKiss to yell at us angrily.

one day we all wanted in n out. you see, Sam doesn't have a car. so we were somewhat limited. we took the bus to ASU then walked 1 mile. just to silently shove the greasy goodness into our mouths and walk the 1 mile back to the bus. i mean, does it get any fatter than that? i guess we lost some calories while walking...

the second night we went out, we literally went to a bar stuck in the year 2001. it was full of terrible fashion and terrible looking people. but nonetheless we had an amazing time! (Readers, i wore my "i'm so blogging this" tank!) we danced around literally ALL NIGHT LONG, it was so much fun. we got home and ate. Sam woke up with pepperoni in her bed. nice.

the weekend consisted mostly of laying by the pool, partying and watching Newlyweds. the last day was spent eating foot-long sandwiches by the pool and trying to pack our suitcases with massive hangovers. the taxi came to pick us up from Sam's..........................andwetookthetaxiwithallofoursuitcasestoinnoutonelasttime. pathetic losers are we. we took one last cab to the airport, and we parted ways.

i got home and JJ had cleaned the house and it was practically sparkling. a long weekend with the girls was much needed, but now it's back to reality. however, the repurcussions of the trip (i.e. bullriding) are still reverberating in the form of muscle pain throughout my entire body.

cheers, LJ. twas a success.

bull riding pics will not (ever) be posted. here's what you get. everything is G rated.


  1. im sad i didnt get to see you. Damn you steph for no car! really cramping my style!!
    where was this 2001 bar. I want to go there :)

  2. i would also like in and out now.
    thanks a lot for talking about it so much

  3. Can you pls send the flip cam videos in a private email!? Did any of them turn out? Thanks!!

    My calfs hurt like I just ran a marathon. And my groin of course. Thankfully the swollen bump on my head has gone down though.

  4. well my swollen ass has not healed yet. still black and blue. ooh ouch. you forgot to mention the random fatties who made fun of your blog after you gave them a fake name, just call me jackie. and the pasta roma that i consumed probably about half of in about 1.5 days.

    and i have a picture of anton smelling laura's veil. i'll put it up on fb as soon as i feel like being home and unpacking my multiple bags:)

  5. Lacie...thanks for making this MOB laugh!

  6. i need to see these videos! also, my apt still smells like armpit and b hole and my thighs are still bruised. it was all worth it though! AZ2010 = complete success!

  7. 1) I had no idea you gained enough weight that someone is heavier than you! But I shouldn't be surprised because laura is like fun sized.
    2) Walking burns more fat than running does.
    3) What the heck happened to all of you guys?? Why are you all bruised??

  8. WALKING BURNS MORE FAT?!?!?!?!?! i'm definitely walking bloomsday then.

    bruises from bull. he owned us. he thrashed us around.

  9. Fun sized?! hahahahaha. I like that!


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