Wednesday, March 3, 2010

important life lesson.

last night i met JJ at work and we went to clinkerdagger happy hour and then drove to the GU basketball game (we got tickets!) together. it was so fun! but filled us with nostalgia and longing. JJ and i were just reminiscing the whole time about the carefree days of yesteryear. when we got home we realized we forgot JJ's car at his work. oh well. so i drove him to work this morning. nice wife. i wasn't planning on getting out of the car so i wore: gray granny panties (you know the ones) with white (YES WHITE) puma sweatpants that used to be my sister M's so they are too long and too sporty and just plain awkward. and i wore the gray babydoll tee i slept in. so it was like all stretched out from sleep. and obv i wasn't wearing a bra. well, after i dropped him off at work (by the way it TOTALLY looked like a hooker-gentleman exchange because he wasn't wearing shoes bc they were in his CAR and then i asked him for money so he gave me a twenty then i drove away. ok SO GROSS.

well i was feeling a little crazy. i mean, it's only 8:17 a.m. and i went ALL THE WAY INTO TOWN, i deserve a treat right? so where do i go? WHY ULTIMATE BAGEL OF COURSE!! (college bagel shop) and i slink in there, feeling a little stupid but i mean, it's 8:17 a.m. the only people in there are in their 40s having business meetings and the occasional Positive Choice Dorm Couple (i.e. they sign a contract to live in the nicest apartments on campus and promise not to drink or smoke or do drugs) snickering in a booth. so it's totally fine. i order: one jalepeno bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese and 3 cookies and a diet dr. pepper. WHY NOT GO THE EXTRA MILE? so i smiled happily and was feeling so very satisfied and excited to get to my car and i'm holding my arms over my boobs bc of the no bra-loose tee thing.....THEN I LITERALLY RUN INTO SOMEONE. from college. OF COURSE. KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she was all dressed up and looking good. it. was. mortifying. i just made excuses for my looks and she so we starting talking. she was asking me about JJ. and when are we moving to California. and how am i and then she was like, "oh, i gotta go, i'm actually working right now." OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! i mean, i just lose. i mean, i have jobs too, i work too, i'm not a bum. i'm just, well, i had to take my husband to work this morning, and i.......wasn't planning on this stop, and i was just out of excuses. i felt like a total ass. i got into my car and shoved the whole bagel in my mouth.

moral of the story: always wear a bra to ultimate bagel because you NEVER know who you'll run into.

here is a picture of my outfit this morning. please don't submit it to


  1. Already submitted it before I read that far. Damn, sorry Lace.

    Ps I dont make a habit of wearing a bra... even at work... so dont worry your pretty lil head.

  2. My worst was in 7th grade. Forgot to wear a bra to basketball practice. And Crusty made us run lines. Not pretty.

  3. it's o.k. to fly your freak flag from time to time. cut yourself some slack. i probably would have put a GU sweatshirt on to hide my ladies [if i was a lady].


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