Saturday, March 13, 2010

JJ and his bicycle

we got our tax money back!! and we were planning on saving it. until i had to buy 2 bridesmaid dresses and a flight to arizona. OH AND HOW COULD ANY OF YOU FORGET ABOUT THE VET BILLS OF WINTER 2009-2010?!?!?!

so we used the tax money to pay for all of that.


and one more thing:

a bicycle for JJ.

he just, bought a bicycle. just like that. he brought it home and has been riding free and happy in the wind almost daily. his new mission is to ride his bicycle to work. and he even bought a fancy bike lock to attach the bicycle to our "garagette" at night. but i told him our garagette is so cheap, that a potential theif would probably just tear down the entire garagette when trying to steal the bicycle.

anyway, he loves the damn thing. so i'm happy for him. i'm glad that he enjoys it. i feel like it will be a hobby he can enjoy for a lifetime.

here is JJ in 40 years:


  1. me too! looks just like JJ. I mean I know him so well and all I can just see it now. haha


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