Monday, March 1, 2010

the most cheerful person i have ever met in life.

mavis in 519 walked right up to my desk this morning and said, "do you have any idea how your voice echos?" obviously i do know. my whole life people have always told me to shut the hell up. my Pap said i could be the fire alarm for the entire town of Selah if i got up on the hill and screamed. i know how loud i am. I KNOW. so i said, "yeah, i'm sorry Mavis." and she said, "there was a meeting in the other room where important information was being said and all i could hear was you." and i said, "well, Mavis, there are people who are hard of hearing who need me to speak loudly to them so they can understand me." and she yelled at me, "your screechy voice was ringing in my ears!" i turned away from her and started talking to another (kinder) old person.


1 comment:

  1. I would have said: "Mav, you need a hug! Come here." Stand up and open your arms in a welcoming manner. There a reason Mav is mean. Find out. Her neighbor will know.


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