Monday, March 15, 2010

PN's Boast.


the PN went on a cruise last week. and now she's back. and when i walked into her office this morning, i seriously almost had to put sunglasses on. she SCARED me. she was wearing a white billowing blouse, yellow capri pants and wearing all sorts of tacky turquiose jewelry. you know, the kind where it's like a silver dolphin shape with a turquoise opal-y type stone in the middle?? and she had her fake nails painted a shocking pink and had pale pink lipstick on. her hair was a little bit crazy-like...the ends were crimped and SHE LITERALLY WAS AS TAN AS A CHARACTER ON JERSEY SHORE. LIKE OMFG. SHE LOOKED LIKE HER CRUISE WAS ON THE SUN. she looks like an old piece of leather. she basically was screaming "HEY GUYS LOOK AT ME I JUST WENT ON VACATION!" and she started talking extremely loud (so everyone would hear and be interested) about how her tour guide on the catamaran looked like Fabio and that he was "breathtakingly gorgeous" and i almost DIED laughing. i had to cut her off when she started talking about her snorkeling instructor's beautiful body..."I'M GLAD YOU HAD FUN ON VACATION, BYE!" and 20 minutes later she walks out to my desk and says, "did i show you what i bought myself?" and shoves her dolphin-turquoise jewelry in my face. and then she was like "CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU MY PICTURES!"

really PN? don't you know that rule? no one gives a flying F about another person's boring vacation pictures.

she seriously wanted the entire office to go to her desk and stare at her all day asking her questions about her trip. it was so nauseating. like, don't try and make people jealous. like all any of us ever wanted in life was a vacation. DON'T RUB IT IN. go take your tanned skin and pink nails and shove them up your ass!


  1. many truisms here. sounds like AZ can't come soon enough for LEGH

  2. dont forget to show her your pictures when you get back. be like look how much more fun I had on MY VACATION!!!

  3. it is hilarious to me that she was wearing white and yellow on her day back from vacay, because i just did that the other day. i wore white the first day back to school after az (to show off my tan yes) and my student called me out on it. haha. i felt so dumb. she was like, "did you wear white to show off your tan from your vacation ms. kissel?" damn she got me.


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